Research Week: Elementary School and Kindergarten Children in Wesel Develop Hearing Protection

  • House of Junior Researchers educational project implemented in Wesel
  • Around 170 school and kindergarten children have carried out research
  • Creative experiments around noise insulationand high buildings

Wesel, March 20, 2024 – The challenge at hand was to make noises quieter for the ears and create a tall, stable structure capable of withstanding windy conditions. This task was embraced by the children of Konrad Duden community elementary school and the German Red Cross Kita Abenteuerland daycare center. Over 50 small groups brainstormed, refined ideas, and at times, discarded concepts in the pursuit of an innovative solution. Meticulous sketches were produced and then translated into tangible models for hands-on testing. The collaborative efforts of these young minds reached fruition with the presentation of their solution ideas to their parents and others interested. Approximately 170 budding researchers showcased their work at ALTANA’s conference center in Wesel, marking a proud moment for all involved. The specialty chemicals company actively champions the Research Week by participating in the House of Junior Researchers project, which fosters early scientific education for children.

To address the challenge of noise insulation, the students delved into the conditions leading to noise generation and explored the significance of safeguarding their ears from its effects. Emphasizing teamwork, the small groups not only made discoveries but also collaborated effectively, understanding that good ideas can only be developed as a team.

Arousing curiosity for the wonders of natural phenomena and STEM subjects

For one week, first and second grade and kindergarten children participated as researchers in the House of Junior Researchers educational project in Wesel. Accompanied by guides from the elementary school, the daycare center, BYK (a division of ALTANA AG), and many parents, the children gain their first learning experiences in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology (STEM subjects).

“Awakening children's enthusiasm and curiosity for natural phenomena and technical matters is of the utmost importance. Through the Research Days, we contribute to this goal by collaborating with teachers to instill in children an understanding and appreciation of science, revealing the joy it brings! It's fun," says Dr. Jörg Hinnerwisch, president of the BYK division. “The foundation of this successful educational project lies in the trusting and cooperative partnership with the German Red Cross Kita Abenteuerland daycare center and Konrad Duden community elementary school. A heartfelt thanks to all the contributors.”

Igniting the spirit of discovery through play

Since 2011, Konrad Duden community elementary school, the German Red Cross Kita Abenteuerland daycare center, and BYK in Wesel have been collaborating successfully on this early education project. They are network partners of the Berlin-based House of Junior Researchers foundation. The foundation aims to kindle the interest of nursery and primary school children in scientific contexts and opens up opportunities for them to encounter mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology at an early age. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has been supporting this initiative for early education in Germany since 2008.

“Courage, creativity and team spirit are the hallmarks of explorers. During the Research Week in Wesel, the elementary school and daycare children impressively demonstrated how important these qualities are for developing solutions,” remarked Alfred Dallarosa, Head of Training and Education Coating Additives at BYK.


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About BYK:
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