Significantly stronger and faster promotion of renewable energies necessary

According to ALTANA CEO Martin Babilas, industry plays a decisive role in driving forward global climate protection. “The more companies that commit themselves to climate neutrality and create the relevant facts, the faster we can achieve the Paris climate protection targets.” However, he adds, policymakers should create an indispensable framework for this. The climate protection targets cannot be achieved without sufficient electricity from renewable energies at competitive prices and the corresponding grid infrastructure. Based on calculations by the VCI, the German Chemical Industry Association, the annual electricity needs of the German chemical industry on the way to greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050 will increase to more than eleven times the value of 2018 (628 TWh compared to 54 TWh in 2018).

"We are therefore calling on policymakers to promote renewable energies much more strongly and swiftly. Incentives must be created to ensure that sufficient electricity and heat capacities from CO2 neutral sources will continue to be available in the future,” says Babilas. “New procedures must be accelerated by public subsidies and barriers to use and own production must be eliminated. Furthermore, policymakers should create comparable competitive conditions for the industry with internationally uniform CO2 pricing,” he adds.

R&D for Climate Protection: „We want to leave our footprint on innnovations, not on emissions.“