Human Resources

Our employees are our most important resource. Therefore, ALTANA promotes their professional development and prepares them for positions of leadership. We put particular emphasis on recruitment of young talent, specialists, and managers.

Promoting women in management positions is a special focusat ALTANA. By intensifying measures that had been introduced in the past, and with new instruments, we further anchored the promotion of gender diversity in our human-resources management. One focus is promoting women in human-resources development. The proportion of women in ALTANA’s various national and international management development programs was increased sig¬nificantly in recent years. In addition, our further education program includes special offers for women.

With the initiative LEADING WOMEN@ALTANA, we aim to increase the number of women in management positions in Germany. This initiative includes our mentoring program for women. Tandems, each consisting of a mentee and a mentor, work in one-on-one meetings continually for a period of 18 months on advancing the individual personal skills of the mentees.

One of the most important instruments ALTANA uses groupwide in human resource management are so-called progress dialogues that we hold with each employee individually at least once a year. They serve to assess the employee’s performance and hence are a component of staff development. In addition, they constitute the basis for individual target agreements, which we also conclude with our employees once a year. In the talks, we discuss measures that can be taken – for example, providing suitable work equipment and materials in order to enhance the work environment and work results.

Beginning with our choice of employees, we make a concerted effort to hire people whose knowledge and abilities, as well as technical and social skills, fit our group. Our human resource management makes use of various recruitment instruments, including regional education fairs at which our companies introduce themselves and their apprenticed professions.

University fairs are suitable forums for informing students about the opportunities ALTANA offers. These events are regularly attended by so-called university ambassadors who work in various fields in our group of companies. Their task is to convey a personal image of ALTANA.