Your Spectrum of Advantages

In the ALTANA Group, you will work in a unique culture of innovation where the utmost importance is attached to promoting individual ideas and abilities as well as open, trusting interaction. ALTANA offers a lot of advantages.

Profit from the success of the company
Independent of the stock exchange listing, ALTANA offers its employees appealing profit sharing programs if permissible by law. The programs are designed for the long term and do require an investment on the employee's part. The payout is dependent on the development of the company. 

Take care of tomorrow today
Guaranteeing a certain standard of living after retirement is a concern that many of us have on our minds.
ALTANA offers modern and appealing systems for occupational retirement provision: In addition to the retirement plans financed by the employer that many companies offer, ALTANA offers employees to convert part of their gross income into additional retirement benefits wherever permissible by law. This is ALTANA's important contribution to improving the personal situation of each employee.

Flexible and Predictable
The demographic development, changes in partial retirement regulations, and the raised retirement age present new challenges for ALTANA and its employees.

The lifetime working hours account that ALTANA offers in Germany is a long-term account. With this type of account, ALTANA gives its employees the opportunity to save up part of their pay in order to reduce the length of their working life.

More movement, a healthy diet, and preventive care.
Health protection is one of the top priorities at ALTANA. True to the guidelines set by the global Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry, protecting our employees is very important to us. We understand safety as a comprehensive issue: This also includes health protection. In 2008, ALTANA signed the 2007 version of the Luxembourg Declaration for the Promotion of Health in the Workplace endorsed by the European Union.

When ALTANA signed the Luxembourg Declaration, the company committed to promoting health in a manner that exceeds the traditional occupational safety procedures and thus results in sustainable improvements to health in the workplace. This includes lowering industrial accidents and preventing occupational diseases as well as sustainably increasing the health potential and the well-being of employees in their places of work.

From a social and economic point of view, one can say that healthy, motivated, and well-trained employees are an important prerequisite for the success of our company. We lower costs associated with illness and increase the productivity of our staff with systematic health promotion campaigns and measures. The result of this approach is a healthier workforce, increased motivation, improved work ethic, and a more relaxed working atmosphere.

Some examples of how ALTANA practices preventive health protection are our local Health Days and Health Weeks as well as regular health seminars. Health-related topics such as exercise and movement, healthy diet, relaxation, and preventing stress are the focus of these seminars.