Livia Cramer

Division:Group Holding         

Company:ALTANA AG                                     
Role:Internal Auditor
Has been with the company since:01/2008

How did you come to ALTANA and in which areas were you employed up to now? 

In the last semester of my economics degree program, I successfully completed an internship with ALTANA HR Personnel Development and made one of the ongoing projects subject of my diploma thesis. At the beginning of 2008, I started working in the Investor Relations department of ALTANA AG, being mainly involved in capital market communications. One year later I joined the Internal Audit department, where I worked as an auditor until the summer of 2011. I then switched to Corporate Affairs HR at ALTANA, where I have been employed since.

Please describe your typical workday at ALTANA

One of our areas of responsibility is the cross-border staff deployment that takes place in the Group – "international mobility", for short. Here I coordinate the foreign assignments between assignee, the companies releasing and accepting them, and any external advisers involved. In the area of company pension and lifetime accounts, it is my job to support our companies with special aspects of company pension provision and to prepare evaluations on employee participation and payments into the company pension scheme and the lifetime account. Administrative duties such as preparing, sending out and monitoring feedback on management contracts or quasi-contractual communications, along with maintaining the personnel files of the managing directors, are also among my daily chores.

You have already come to know some divisions and sites of ALTANA. What characterizes the employees at ALTANA?

Because of my previous activity in Internal Audit I had the opportunity to visit the bigger part of our sites and meet a lot of colleagues personally. If you are employed in an international group of companies, this demands not only the determination and ability to adapt but also sympathy for different viewpoints and opinions that are based on cultural differences. Also, I feel that the work of colleagues in the Group is characterized by professionalism and mutual respect.

Do you have the opportunity to work with colleagues from other countries?

It is in the area of international assignments that we are particularly active on internationally, since coordinating this activity requires that we keep in regular contact with our HR colleagues in the overseas companies. Unlike my work as an auditor, however, contact is mainly limited to emails and telephone calls.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy traveling but also doing relaxing things such as reading a good book or getting together with friends.