The new generation of ALTANA managers is being deployed globally even more frequently than before. They bring with them top management skills that they develop in ALTANA management programs. Dr. Julia Hufen belongs to this new generation.

ALTANA, BYK, and ELANTAS – Dr. Julia Hufen has already successfully solved numerous tasks. After working at various sites in Germany and the U.S., she will soon be active worldwide with a focus on Asia. “I’m particularly looking forward to this challenge, especially since Asian culture is completely different,” says Dr. Hufen enthusiastically.

Openness to new ideas and tolerance are essential for the 41-year-old chemist, who holds a doctorate. “I am driven by curiosity. I love understanding things down to the last detail. This challenges and motivates me.” For her, chemistry is a basis for understanding things and explaining the world.

Working Across the Globe
Dr. Hufen is not only curious but also good at structuring facts. In addition, she is able to get colleagues and customers involved in her ideas, wishes, knowledge, and skills as they tackle tasks. Mutual appreciation is important to her. Openness and tolerance are helpful.

For her, challenges are not “insuperable mountains.” Her credo: “Challenges are there to be met.” This also applies to work at sites around the globe. “It has always been my dream to work abroad,” she says. And she began working at an early stage to make her dream come true.

Right after she finished her studies she worked for a U.S. company, ending up as head of research and development. She had previously studied chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen and economics at the distance learning university in Hagen. During her studies, she realized that she prefers to work in an application-oriented way. “Research on molecules is certainly appealing, but I prefer to use the knowledge I gain to develop applicable solutions.”

Das global ausgerichtete Management Development Program ist für Mitarbeiter entwickelt worden, die eine hohe internationale Mobilität sowie Potenzial für strategische Positionen mitbringen. Dr. Julia Hufen hat schon zahlreiche Aufgaben erfolgreich gelöst.

Support Through Management Programs
She started her career in the ALTANA Corporate Development department and M&A. Then she returned to operations, switching to BYK’s Industrial Applications department, before moving to the U.S. as Head of Global End Use Metalworking Fluids for BYK. Back in Wesel, she was Project Manager for Waxes, and since August 2019 she has been Global Business Line Manager Electronic at ELANTAS.

In 2018-2019, she completed the ALTANA Group’s Management Development Program (MDP). The globally oriented program was developed for employees who are willing to change, have a high degree of international mobility, and the potential to take on strategic positions. Dr. Hufen especially appreciates the personal coaching. The program is very intensive, she says, and perfectly adapted to future tasks.

Above all, she revels in having the opportunity to establish global networks. She will be able to make good use of her network when she successfully manages ELANTAS’ next challenge in Asia – including the joy of discovery.