Making a real difference with
innovation and conviction

Dr. Lisa Schönenberg has a mission: more sustainability, for example, through appropriate coatings with organic components, and recycled and recyclable raw materials that make packaging more environmentally friendly. Anyone who wants to successfully fulfill this mission must act out of conviction.

For Dr. Schönenberg, her work is more than just an ordinary job. Together with her colleagues at ACTEGA, she drives the development of innovative sustainable solutions for the packaging market worldwide. And she acts out of conviction.

When it comes to sustainability and resource conservation, ACT-ion is the order of the day. The ACTEGA division’s name embodies this challenge, as does ACTGreen, the brand for sustainable product solutions. As the link between the market and the company’s own research, Dr. Lisa Schönenberg, Global Portfolio Manager Paper & Board at ACTEGA, ensures that all solutions are available as needed and as quickly as possible. In addition, relevant trends and portfolio gaps must be identified and integrated. This happens not only at the Lehrte site, where Dr. Lisa Schönenberg works, but everywhere in the world where ACTEGA has a presence and provides innovative solutions for the packaging market.

A team with a special spirit
This requires more than technical ability: If you want to consistently make products more sustainable, you need a team with a very special spirit. Treading new paths, overcoming challenges, and always keeping the goal firmly in sight: “We at ACTEGA want to make a real difference,” Dr. Lisa Schönenberg is convinced. Close to the product, close to the customer – and of course close to its own contribution to sustainability: What connects the people here is not only the company itself, but above all the motivation to work for more sustainability – at all levels of the value chain, not just in relation to their own product.

As the link between the market and the company’s own research, portfolio manager Dr. Lisa Schönenberg ensures that all solutions become available in line with demand and as quickly as possible – including the integration of new trends. | In her capacity, she supports the mission of Markus Locher, who as Global Barrier Manager of the ACTEGA Paper & Board business line is responsible with his team for the sustainable barrier coatings business.

From raw material to product: ever more sustainable and resource efficient
The division has been committed to more sustainable products for two decades now. Then as now, the goal was smart packaging with less environmental impact and optimal properties. This enables customers, in turn, to offer more sustainable products and to optimize their eco-balance accordingly in this respect. Raw materials play a significant role here: One of ACTEGA’s focal points is to continually open up new possibilities for acting in a more sustainable and resource-conserving manner.

“Our ACTGreen solutions go far beyond current regulatory standards in making everyday products significantly safer and more environmentally friendly. Our development work is holistic; it is about new, more sustainable standards and continuous support for the customer. This makes us pioneers in the market,” asserts Dr. Schönenberg.

The ACTGreen barrier coatings product line, for example, sets standards for the recyclability of packaging. Traditionally, different plastic materials have been used in the industry to alternatingly protect filling goods and packaging from being affected by oils, fats, water, and other substances. But these materials can often only be recycled at great expense or not at all. Waterbased ACTGreen barrier coatings are an environmentally friendly alternative. They are partially biodegradable and do not release any harmful or toxic substances when they decompose or are recycled.

There is great interest in sustainable ACTEGA solutions around the world. Meeting this demand is more than just an ordinary job for Dr. Lisa Schönenberg. “We are part of society and act accordingly,” is her credo. “I want to make a difference, to make a contribution to the future. Today, dedicated ACTEGA teams across the globe are working toward a common goal: to develop more and more sustainable product solutions,” says Dr. Lisa Schönenberg, summing up.