Reference to the Consolidated Financial Statements

The consolidated financial statements to the Corporate Report 2022 are provided online at

Consolidated Financial Statements

ALTANA Group Consolidated Income Statement
ALTANA Group Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
ALTANA Group Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
ALTANA Group Consolidated Statement of Changes in Shareholders’ Equity
ALTANA Group Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

  1. Basis of Presentation
  2. Significant Accounting Policies
  3. Business Combinations and Disposals
  4. Net Sales
  5. Cost of Sales
  6. Other Operating Income
  7. Other Operating Expenses
  8. Financial Income
  9. Financial Expenses
  10. Income Taxes
  11. Other Information on the Income Statement
  12. Intangible Assets
  13. Property, Plant and Equipment
  14. Long-term Investments
  15. Investments in at Equity Accounted Companies
  16. Inventories
  17. Trade Accounts Receivable
  18. Marketable Securities
  19. Short-term Financial Assets
  20. Other Assets
  21. Shareholders’ Equity
  22. Employee Incentive Plans
  23. Debt
  24. Employee Benefit Obligations
  25. Other Provisions
  26. Other Liabilities
  27. Additional Disclosures for Financial Instruments
  28. Commitments and Contingencies
  29. Related Party Transactions
  30. Compensation of the Supervisory Board and Management Board
  31. Fees Paid to the Auditor
  32. Subsequent Events
  33. Additional Information

Supervisory Board of ALTANA AG
Supervisory Board Committees
Management Board of ALTANA AG