In the realm of human resources, ALTANA used the 2023 reporting year to improve existing concepts and to expand the portfolio of offerings for employees with the introduction of additional programs. The focus of our work continues to be on strengthening our employer brand, both on the external applicant market and in relation to our current employees. Our clear goal is to bolster loyalty and satisfaction of our workforce. We want to grow together, building on our employees’ many years of experience and expertise. This will be accomplished primarily through the targeted execution of the Keep Changing Agenda for the future.

Continuation of the Keep Changing Agenda

Following the revision of the Keep Changing Agenda for the future in 2022, ALTANA once again placed significant emphasis on priorities within the “People” focus area to fortify its standing in the labor market. This includes initiatives such as enhancing employer positioning and introducing appealing new offers for the workforce.

Additionally, besides the goal of attracting new, qualified, and motivated employees, these initiatives are designed to strenghten the loyalty of our existing workforce. ALTANA, being a well-known and responsible employer globally, places great importance on providing development opportunities for employees and fostering a feedback culture that encourages the exchange of knowledge and further development.

“Strengthening Employer Attractiveness” Action Field

The ALTANA Group consistently enhances its appealing financial offer and contemporary fringe benefits to affirm its status as a highly attractive employer. Moreover, the company provides employees with opportunities for both workplace and professional development. Concurrently, there is an ongoing effort to gain a deeper understanding of what makes ALTANA exceptionally attractive as an employer and to authentically communicate these attributes to the outside world. In pursuit of this goal, a project on employer positioning was initiated in 2023.

Employer Positioning of the ALTANA Group

Our success as an employer hinges significantly on our commitment to transparent and authentic representation in the labor market, showcasing what distinguishes us from other employers. For this reason, we want to gain a deeper understanding of why employees choose to work at ALTANA.

We have therefore launched a cross-divisional project to refine our international employer positioning. In 2024, in workshops and interviews, supplemented by the content of a survey, the opinions of employees worldwide will be analyzed and synthesized. Interviews were already conducted with all members of company management in the reporting year and various workshops were held as part of the annual Global Management Meeting. The combination of different survey and analysis methods ensures that strategic initiatives are taken into account alongside the employees’ views and that the management’s perspective is included. The project is currently scheduled to continue throughout 2024.

ALTANA Bicycle Leasing in Germany

In 2023, ALTANA expanded its range of interesting additional benefits for its employees with another attractive offer: the Germany-wide ALTANA bicycle leasing program.

The objective of this project was to provide employees in Germany with the opportunity to finance the conversion rates for a leased bicycle from their gross monthly salary. The current collective bargaining law in the chemical industry did not have a provision for gross salary conversion for this purpose. Taking the initiative, ALTANA, in collaboration with members of the Group works council, established a company-specific collective agreement between the IGBCE trade union and the German Federation of Chemical Employers’ Association. Based on this agreement, the conception, implementation, and communication of the bicycle leasing scheme were developed in 2023, enabling ALTANA employees to avail themselves of this employer benefit since January 2024. Each leased bicycle is subsidized with up to 15 euros per month. 

European Portal for Employee Offers

Colleagues have consistently expressed a strong interest in an added feature: an employee offers portal. This portal provides ALTANA’s workforce with the chance to purchase discounted products from a diverse selection of over 1,500 providers. The chosen service provider, a prominent European market leader, extends this portal across multiple European countries. Regular external audits ensure the service provider’s adherence to stringent data protection standards, and it has proudly earned the TÜViT “Data Protection” quality mark. Currently, ALTANA offers this portal in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, boasting an impressive overall participation rate exceeding 50 %.

“Create a Thriving Organization for Development and Performance” Action Field

ALTANA remains committed to fostering a corporate environment that empowers employees to achieve their utmost potential. In line with this commitment, ALTANA has been providing diverse development initiatives for several years, with ongoing efforts to enhance existing programs based on valuable feedback from participants.

The readiness of participants to embrace change consistently holds a pivotal position in their engagement with these initiatives. This aspect is collaboratively assessed with managers as part of the annual performance review process.

Adjustments in the Talent Process

As we enter the third round, the Talent Cycle is scheduled around the turn of the year 2023 / 2024. This process, in addition to the annual performance review, incorporates a comprehensive assessment discussion with other managers from adjacent areas, within a division, a specialized area such as finance or purchasing, and at Group level.

In addition, the digital learning content provided in the SAP SuccessFactors system has been linked to the skills needed, making it easier to select suitable training courses in the 2023 / 2024 cycle and to continue training in line with requirements.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are fundamental pillars of our daily collaboration at ALTANA, reflecting our longstanding commitment to these values within our management guidelines. Recognizing the importance of fostering an inclusive workplace where every employee is supported, regardless of their background, individuality, or life circumstances, we worked on a fundamental concept in the reporting year that will serve as an umbrella for future initiatives.

Wise Peers Initiative

The Wise Peers Program represents our initial initiative to champion diversity, equality, and inclusion within ALTANA. This program is specifically tailored for individuals who have devoted substantial time to the company, having been part of the Group for over 20 years. Designed in the reporting year, the program commenced with an inaugural pilot group at the beginning of 2024. The program focuses on topics such as knowledge transfer, lifelong learning, and appreciation.